For more than 15 years, Procom has conducted research, test, studies, and poll, to enable its clients (SMEs, PLCs, local authorities, consultancy and other oraganisations) to reach and exceed their goals.

We can help you find the key of success:

We have expertise on all surveys and analysis methodologie (: desk research; brainstorming; creative meetings;focus groups and group; interviews face-to-face interviews,written or telephone questionnaires, hall-tests, ethnological studies, contents analysis, semiotic studies, multivariable analyses, ect...)

We organise the technical means for project implementation: network of interviewers, interviews stations, meeting rooms for focus groups, computer data entry system, ect …)

We exercise rigorous control all stages of the project.

We have expertise and experience in many differents subject.

bove all, we do not see our role as simply to deliver numbers and make observations but as formulating recommendations based on our deep undestanding of our clients’ businesses.