Our commitement:

- To provide a thorough advice on the methodology used
- To ensure a meticulous data collection
- To include expert advice in the formulation of recommendations
- To ensure that the project can be used as a tool for communication strategy

Types of Projects:

nication :
- Pilot testing of communication strategy
- In depth research of communication strategy
- Diagnosis and impact analysis
- Post-testing of communication strategy
- Brand and market positioning research
- Communication strategy research


Marketing :

- Market research
- Buyer decision processes research
- Product testing
- Brand, name and logo testing
- Segmentation research.


Context and quality review :

- Studies and indices of internal and external satisfaction

- Studies and audit on perceived quality
- Studies on institutional and organisational context
- Political evaluation and assessment
- Background research for the elaboration of political manifesto and policies


Organisations and institutions :

- Review of existing policies
- Background research for the elaboration of programmes and policies
- Studies and audit of communication strategy


Opinion :

- Surveys, polls and barometers of public opinion